Friday, January 27, 2012

Cruising Italy

When thinking about holiday ideas, individuals should consider the vast amount of options for travelling in and around Italy. Cruises are a great option for seeing many of the sites around the coast line of Italy, as well as inland through day trips. It is possible to stay at Italian villas before or after a cruise to see more of the Italian countryside. Imagine being able to see the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, as well as the beautiful Italian coast line, from the balcony of a cruise ship.

There are many cruises around Italy that travellers might be interested in enjoying. Venice and Rome are major ports of call in the country of Italy, so expect many cruises to either begin or end in these locations. Once you are in Venice or Rome, you can begin cruising to a number of destinations in Italy.

There are short cruises, generally lasting two to three days, down each vertical coast of Italy. From Venice you can cruise down the Eastern coast to such locations as Ancona and Pescara. Ancona is a port town that has many restaurants and an easily navigable downtown area for dining and shopping. Pescara is Abruzzo's largest city and is known for its beautiful beaches. Many of these shorter cruises end up at the tip of Italy or in Sicily, which attracts visitors due to its rich history and cuisine.

Short cruises on the Western coast of Italy, departing from Rome, stop in such destinations as Palermo, Naples and Portofino. As Rome is located in the middle of the coast line, many cruises circle up around the city when travelling around Italy. Day trips in Palermo include such activities as touring ancient palaces, churches, and castles. Naples is a beautiful destination known for shopping and dining. In Portofino visitors can visit fine dining establishments and take scenic walks in the protected natural areas around the city.

Travellers can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for a short Italian cruise (2-3 days). This depends on the type of accommodations desired, as they range from budget to luxurious, as well as the current deals available through cruise lines. There are many cruises that stop at many different locations, so it is recommended that travellers talk to travel agents and do research before purchasing tickets for this type of holiday.

In addition, there are also longer cruises that visitors can enjoy while holidaying. Longer cruises circle the entire coast line of Italy, even sometimes extending into neighbouring countries such as Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Longer cruises last anywhere from 5 to 20 days and can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $20,000, depending on the type of travel and itinerary desired.

A common stop includes Sicily, where visitors can take in the rich history, art work, and delicious cuisine. Other stops in Italy can involve day trips through the Tuscan countryside, visits to specialists in cured meats in Salermo, and the Leaning Tower in Pisa. Examples of stops in other countries include Dubrovnik, Croatia, which has marble walls, streets, and a glowing presence, while Santorini, Greece offers surreal cliffs, white buildings, and spectacular sunsets.

No matter which type of cruise travellers choose to partake in Italy, they are likely to have a lovely holiday adventure. Italy is known for being a romantic country, so many honeymooners choose cruise options for their special trip. Travelling around the coast of Italy provides a unique perspective of the regional differences and variety of experiences available in Italy.

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