Friday, February 3, 2012

Romantic Places to Spend Valentine's Day in Italy

"Amore" is in the air everywhere in Italy. Its beautiful cities, lovely countryside, gorgeous coastline, and charming Italian villas are just waiting to serve as the perfect backdrop to the most romantic Valentine's Day you may ever spend in your life. Forget France, Italy has as much to offer if not more, for the hopeless romantics of the world looking for Valentine's Day getaways.

In terms of sheer beauty, few places can beat Italy's simply stunning Amalfi coast, with its many charming towns and gorgeous beaches. For a truly romantic and special Valentine's Day, book a room in Il San Pietro Di Positano. Every room in this hotel, which seems to have been carved into the jagged cliffs, boasts breathtaking views from a private terrace. Depending on the room type, prices can range between 420 and 980 Euros per night. You will have to book well in advance if you want to spend Valentine's Day in this hotel, but no worries. There are many lovely Italian villas, just as stunning, available on the Amalfi coast in which to celebrate Valentine's Day.

The radiant beauty of Lake Como managed to charm the charmer himself, actor George Clooney, who settled down near this lovely body of water. For your Valentine's Day stay, you may want to book a room in the lakeside Grand Hotel Tremezzo, which offers stunning views of the Grigne Mountains. Depending on the type of accommodation you desire, rooms run about 250 to 1,500 Euros and should be booked well in advance of a planned stay.

With its beautiful bridges and lovely buildings, Venice is one of the best cities in the world for a Valentine's Day getaway. Although a gondola ride through this city's canals may sound corny, it is still such a wonderful, romantic way to spend time with a lover. In addition, Venice is filled with cute little restaurants and lovely hotels full of character. Unfortunately, Venice does have some drawbacks. Lovers will need to book hotels well in advance of Valentine's Day, since in some years the city's Carnevale celebration may be going on at the same time. If so, rooms will be even more expensive and harder to get than usual. Try looking for Italian villas in the area, as well, which may be cheaper and easier to find than a hotel room.

Tuscany is yet another very romantic place perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration. It boasts beautiful rolling hills, scenic countryside and the area is especially known for having great Italian villas for rent. Lovers can choose to take a cooking class together in this region, which is famous for its delicious cuisine, or spend a day admiring artwork in Florence. More active types may want to climb up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which costs 15 Euros, or soak in one of the area's hot springs. “Vino” lovers will find a large number of wineries to visit. Whatever the fancy, Tuscany offers couples plenty of ways to celebrate their love together.

Though all did not end well with Romeo and Juliet, romantics are still drawn to Verona and the home that supposedly belonged to the doomed Juliet. It is from this home's balcony that Juliet cried out to the night for her love, Romeo. A ticket to visit this house is 6 Euros. Afterwards, you and your loved one can walk through the city's plazas and streets or hire a horse-drawn carriage near the Roman Arena to take you on a romantic ride. At the end of the day, retire to a lovely Italian villa, which is the perfect way to end a lovely day in this very romantic city.

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