Sunday, July 17, 2011

Godfather Movie Sets in Sicily

Godfather movie fans all over the world are always eager to see what the real places where the movies were shot look like. Whether you are a moviegoer, a Godfather trilogy fan or just saw the movies, this is going to be interesting. Let alone that Mafia is a totally different thing nowadays from what the movies portray (including the Sopranos). Some details still apply, but mostly that is a romantic portray of reality.

I have no understanding for those fascinated with Mafia. Again, forget about movies. Feeling in constant instability cancels your right to live. No white dresses or "gessato" style. Just nitty-gritty, plain-old street muggers with dirty looks and no style. This is Mafia. Stay out.

But of course you do not run in Mafia at every street corner, and even if you at times do, you won't even realize. Just do not go looking for it!
So visit Sicily safely anjoying its beauties.

If you are a Godfather nostalgic, Corleone is the first epic city for you. The family name bound to it says it all. The Corleonesi Mafia clan does really exist.
Corleone is an extremely pretty town you should visit. You will forget the Mafia ugliness while just walking through its monument rich streets.

The movie set are Forza d'Agrò and Savoca, near the wonderful Taormina. Visit all three, but expect Taormina to be the most touristic one. However, its beauty deserves your time.
This is the wedding church in Savoca.

In Savoca go to Bar Vitelli, where a scene of the movie was shot.

Again, do not expect to see gangsters in the streets, but your passion for the Godfather will surely lead to know the true, unforgettable and unexpected face of Sicily.

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