Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sardinia and The Fantastic Beach of Orri

Italy has some of the most wonderful beaches in the Mediterranean and the world. And Sardinia has some of the most wonderful beaches of Italy. Therefore you can trust that your holiday in Italy will bring you to the most prized seaside localities with the best shores you have ever dreamed of. Orri is one if these beaches.

Set on the side of Sardinia that looks Italy, it can be found on the southern coast of Arbatax, from where it is about 8 km, while from Tortolì it is just 2 Km away.

Getting there
Go from Olbia to Siniscola through the SP125 or the new expressway to Nuoro and follow the indications for Lanusei and Tortoli. At the junction turn right towards the Lido Orrì and follow the road for a couple of miles along the beach.

The Beach
It is a famous and enchanting place. It is rich of many inlets each leading to delicious deserted beaches. Orrì is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Sardinia. The beach is very long and wide, nearly 16 km of coastline, characterized by fine white sand and shallow waters for about three hundred meters from the shore and a light blue color. The beach has a sandy bottom with white rocks polished by the time that can be found both on the beach and submerged by the water. The water has a characteristic iridescent blue color due to the sun light reflecting on the sea bottom.

This is the usual meeting point for holidays in Ogliastra, and today this is the crown jewel of the town of Tortoli. The services are numerous and of any kind, from various rentals, kiosks, bars, street vending, and games for children. During lively summer evenings on the road that runs along the main beach there are street vendors, music and various entertainments. A visit to this beach is not to be missed!

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