Friday, January 13, 2012

The Little Red Train On The Alps

Livigno is a spectacular mountain locality, especially dedicated to skiers. But that is not the only attraction of this Alpine resort. The surrounding area is full of spectacular landscapes to explore and activities to experience. Such as the romantic mountain train bringing you through out-of-this-world landscapes, glaciers and gorges. The train is friendly called the "Little Red Train".

For the Valtellina people, to talk about the "red train" is like talking about a dear friend.

This is because the Bernina Express departs from the center of the Valtellina, the town of Tirano, and because it is tireless with his slow pilgrimage through gentle valleys and high mountain passes to reach its destination in the heart of upper Engadina.

Tourists are fascinated by this train, and for many it is the most beautiful in the world. Getting on the Bernina Express Railway is equivalent to entering a theater with the landscape unfolding before your eyes. The stage offers a constantly changing spectacle. You can admire not only natural beauties, but also the spectacular railroad structure itself, with its bridges and loop tunnels, reaching at times impressive inclinations. Surely, the route contributes to the charm of this line, going from the Valtellina valley to the Val Poschiavo and then on to climb up among the glaciers and peaks of the Bernina, finally descending to ever-charming Engadina until Pontresina and St. Moritz.

This spectacular and unforgettable rail journey begins in Tirano, the terminus of the Milan-Sondrio-Tirano Italian railways track. The train consists of modern and comfortable coaches. It leaves this lovely city to begin a breathtaking journey, in winter just as in summer, on slopes of 70 per thousand (without rack) up to an altitude of 2253 meters above sea level, which is unique in Europe. After a few kilometers from departure a marvel suddenly strikes your eyes: it's the Brusio viaduct, an outdoor helical ramp. Beyond Poschiavo, the capital of the valley with its beautiful patrician houses, the traveler reaches Alp GrĂ¼m, a unique panoramic point on the Palu glacier.

After crossing the pass at an altitude of 2253 meters above sea level, Montebello offers the observer an impressive view of the Monteratsch glacier and the Bernina chain, 4 thousand meters high and covered with glittering eternal snows.

In Pontresina, a popular tourist resort and winter sports center, the line branches off to Samaden-Chur, which allows travelers to reach Central Switzerland and Northern Europe. A few more kilometers and you will come across the enchanting landscape of the Upper Engadine and reach the beautiful St. Moritz.

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