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A Guide to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy

Located on a peninsula in the Mediterranean, Italy has a long and glowing history. For those staying at one of the many fabulous Italian villas/Hotels or seaside resorts, some of the best Italian holiday ideas include visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites like these:

Agrigento - A leading ancient Greek city in southern Sicily dating from the late 500s BC. Spectacular Agrigento is near two rivers and also looks over the sea. Much of the historic town and elaborate temples for Greek gods are still intact today. The structures are impressive and excavation continues.

Amalfi Coast - This coastline is included in the lists of World Heritage sites because of its natural Mediterranean seashore beauty and its towns and settlements that hold true to traditional culture. Art and architecture is carefully preserved in villages that are adapted to the terrain like Ravello and Amalfi.

Assisi - The first known settlers in Assisi were the Umbrians in about the year 1000 BC. The hilltop town is located below Subasio Mountain. Assisi was the hometown of Saint Francis, who founded his Fransiscan Order of monks in 1208 AC. The large, famous church built in his honour was finished in 1253.

Caserta Royal Palace Complex - The vast grounds and palace were started in 1752 by Charles the VII of Naples. The Enlightenment style architecture of the palace complex was the work of the talented Luigi Vanvitelli. Lavish interiors greet the eye. The surrounding parklands, pools and forest are all beautifully maintained.

Castel del Monte - In Andria of southeast Italy, Emperor Frederick II constructed the castle in the 1200s combining Gothic, Islamic and Oriental influences in the architecture. The precise geometric shape and structure of the military stronghold stands proudly today on its hill near Santa Maria del Monte's monastery.

Florence's Historic District - Rome colonized the town in 59 BC, called Florentia. Florence became a leading city of the Renaissance in the 1400s and 1500s showcasing works of greats like Botticelli, Giotto and Michelangelo. The incredible medieval architecture of Florence is seen in buildings such as the Church of Santa Croce.

Pompeii and Herculaneum - In 79 AD, the killer volcano Vesuvius erupted over Pompeii and the nearby resort town of Herculaneum. Pompeii was more damaged than Herculaneum and both have been extensively excavated, especially Pompeii. The towns were discovered in the 1700s.

Rome City Centre - According to legend, Rome was founded in the mid-700 BC by Remus and Romelus. The capital of the Roman Empire and the historic headquarters of the Catholic Church, Rome has hundreds of well-known buildings, structures and monuments. Incredible art is seen in constructions built through the centuries like bridges, columns and palazzos.

Venice - In the 400s, Venice was built on almost 120 small islands, the metropolis is a maze of valuable historic architecture. It was also a maritime power in the 900s and is known for its lagoon and canals today that are teeming with water vessels of all types.

Verona - An ancient city with amazing architecture from various periods over the last 2000 years, Verona in northern Italy was inhabited by tribes for hundreds of years. Then, in the first century BC it was colonized by Rome. The town is famous as the place that inspired Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet.

The world treasures described above provide a wealth of education about Italy and the world in general. Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on the globe. Nothing can beat a first-hand look and exploration of these locales.

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