Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sicilian Cassata

Looking for the Sicilian Cassata recipe?

As I found on, among the many regional Italian recipes Cassata is a typical Sicilian dessert with a long history and flavorful. It is a medium difficulty recipe, guided step by step. In no time you can learn to prepare this crown jewel of Italy and Sicily.
This dessert is more for winter days, during which you can achieve a better preparation of it. Moreover, it is a rich recipe that will give more nutrients during colder months.

Grab a baking pan of 7 to 8 inches in size. Here the ingredients: 5 oz marzipan, 1 lb ricotta cheese, 7 oz confectioners sugar, 3 ½ oz candied fruit, 3 oz chocolate drops, ⅛ oz vanilla, 3 ½ oz dark chocolate, melted, 5 oz sponge cake, 3 ½ tablespoons of Rum.

For the icing you will need 5 oz sugar and 1 egg white and 3 ½ oz candied fruit to garnish.

Using a rolling pin flatten the marzipan to a thickness of 4 millimeters.
Now dust the pan using powdered sugar and use a knife to line up the border of the marzipan with that of the pan. Prior to cutting make sure the dough adheres perfectly to the pan.
Smolder the chocolate at bain-marie, then use a brush to spread it over the marzipan.
Now cut thin stripes of sponge cake and use them to line the marzipan. Then use a brush to spread half the rum on the sponge cake.
Now mix in a bowl the ricotta, sugar, chocolate drops, candied fruit, and vanilla.
Spread the filling inside the mold.
Now cover up with the remainder sponge cake then brush with the remainder rum.
Prepare the glaze whisking together sugar and egg white, then remove the cassata from the oven pan and glaze it uniformly. Chill in the fridge for an hour then add the candied fruits to garnish.

That's it! You Have your Cassata! A passito di Pantelleria goes along with it just perfectly.

Here the pictures of the procedure:

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