Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Last Glass of Wine

It does not have anything to do with Italy, or maybe, somehow, it does.
Amy Winehouse died today, and this saddened me. I am not a big fan of her, and I personally could do without with all this Sixties revival.

So why am I writing about this? Simply because this 27 years old girl died in a way that shows a life of suffering, lots of it. I am sure a lot of people die after suffering. I do not know them, but I knew Amy Winehouse because she was famous, and so do you. So I am writing about this.

I have no idea why these kids become famous and then trash themselves to death. Kurt Cobain did the same, like others. Their solitude becomes amplified after becoming famous. Everyone thinks that fame and money give felicity and human warmth.

Massimo Troisi, an Italian actor and director that you may remember for the movie Il Postino, The Postman, once said that fame only amplifies your character: if you are stupid you just become extremely stupid, if you feel left alone, you just become terribly lonely. It seems easy to see how someone not equipped with a strong personality may lose touch with reality when surrounded by people relating to them only for profit an business.

I don't know her story. I don't care if Amy Winehouse has had a tear-jerking life prior to becoming famous, or was just a spoiled child of rock. To see suffering makes me think. Walking the streets and seeing the poster of her only Italian date in Lucca on July 17, canceled for health reasons shortly before it was to happen, saddens me even more.

The last glass ow wine goes to her, toasting to fragility in a world that consecrates porcelain icons on high altars of incredible instability. So they generate more attention and money when falling and crashing down.

PS: A few days after Amy Winehouse death I am walking around and I see tourists taking pictures besides her poster advertising her only Italian concert, which was supposed to be in Lucca on July 17, but never happened. I see adults and kids posing besides her picture, and also see people taking pictures of just the poster. I guess it is a way to grasp the last pieces of her "alive", before time deletes all everyday signs of her, inescapably confining her into the realm of the dead.

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