Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Five Reasons to Rent a Holiday Home in Italy

Next time you are heading over to Italy, instead of booking yourself into a hotel, why not think about renting an apartment when visiting Italy's capital. Here are five reasons why you should look at renting a holiday home in Rome.

It is much cheaper to rent accommodation than stay in a hotel especially if there is a large group of you. You can get an apartment/villa with bedrooms plus a kitchen and lounge whereas for the same price in a hotel, you would just have the bedroom. Sometimes it can work out as much as 50% cheaper renting accommodation than going for a hotel, especially if you go off peak. Holiday owners will want to fill up their flat/house as they incur costs as well.

Eat when you want
You are not bound by the meal times at the hotel. You can buy food from the local markets from wherever and whenever you want. If you choose to make an Italian meal for your housemates, you can do so and you have a kitchen and lounge to host them.

Fun for the whole family
If you have children, renting a holiday home means you don't need to worry about the kids causing a scene in the hotel restaurant. Of course if your children are well behaved, this is not an issue, but you do not have to worry about whether the hotel is child friendly or not and the kids will also have more freedom to do what they please. If you have pets, some holiday homes will allow you to bring them with you for the duration of your stay.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Renting an apartment in Rome gives you access to the main tourist attractions but also lets you enjoy your stay as if you lived there. You get to live with Italian neighbors, be part of their community, maybe if you are lucky, get invited over for an authentic Italian meal.

Unlike the package holidays, there is no set schedule when renting a holiday home. You choose when you want to get up, go and visit the sites, when to eat your meals. You are in control of your holiday and why shouldn't you be, you have worked hard for it.
There are a number of reasons for renting Rome accommodation apartments instead of the usual trend of staying in a hotel. Make sure you research the holiday you want to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime.

Robin is a freelance travel blogger, writing about places to visit in Europe and renting apartments in Paris, Rome and London.

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