Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why visit Liguria?

Liguria is a small but beautiful coastal region in north-western Italy that really can show off the best that Italy has to offer. It has earned the nickname of ‘the Italian Riviera’ but it has a bit of everything- beaches, mountains, countryside and mouth-watering food. It’s no wonder that the region is popular as a holiday destination for tourists both from Italy and abroad.

Those looking to relax on the beach are spoilt for choice in Liguria, with a mixture of sandy and rocky beaches available. Pebble beaches are great for walking the dog and can be found at San Lorenzo al Mare. Those who want to stay dry on land and play some volleyball should head to the district of Diano Marina, where many beaches feature such facilities.

Liguria is also great for outdoor sports with so many possibilities. The Arroscia valley is a must-do for hikers, climbers and trekkers, and it’s even possible to do some mountain biking here. Back at the coast one can try their hand at sailing, surfing and diving. If you are feeling really adventurous, para-gliding is sure to get the adrenaline pumping whilst boasting striking views. For something even more exhilarating there is the chance to go canyoning and really get wet!

Liguria is not all about the outdoor life, but it is a region which places a lot of importance on food. You will find the usual pizza and pasta which Italy is known for, but Liguria has many more specialties to offer. The region claims to have olive oil even better than that from Tuscany and the legendary pesto also originates from the region. Focaccia is a popular snack for the locals and being on the coast, the seafood is exceptionally fresh and a common part of their diet. Seasonal vegetables that grow in the area include the infamous truffles, artichokes and asparagus. The cuisine is a real highlight of the region that should be sampled!

Like many other Italian regions, Liguria is rich in history, art and culture from medieval and Renaissance times. The capital of Genoa is home to many interesting museums and churches as well as a royal palace. There are many old castles, forts and ruins scattered around the whole region which can take you back in time. Close to San Remo lies the infamous Villa Hanbury, a must-see botanical garden with thousands of tropical species. The beauty and historical importance of the region of Liguria has been recognized by UNESCO, who have declared various UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the area- part of the old town of Genoa and the ‘Cinque Terre’, 5 small neighbouring villages which offer stunning scenery and interesting flora and fauna.

With so much to see and do, it’s worth staying for more than a few days. It would be wise to rent a holiday house in Liguria as a base and explore different areas in the region, with the prospect of something new and exciting awaiting you every day. So what are you waiting for? A holiday in Liguria awaits you!

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I love Liguria! I was there for the first time when I was about 15-16, and I love going back. Ligurian summers are amazing, and the food is delicious. The sea is emerald green and so clean, and there are so many places to see if you don't want to just laze around on the beach. A perfect holiday spot, which has a special charm in winter when it gets quiet. Your post has brought back fabulous memories, thank you!


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