Friday, October 21, 2011

The Riots of Rome and The Cloudburst

One might think that some sort of religious punishment hit Rome after so much violence struck the city during the "black-block" protests. The water that came down, a staggering 170 millimeters in just few minutes, was not absorbed by the sewage system, and washed away the memories of the riots altogether with the lives of two people.

I do not believe in anything like a superior punisher, even because those that needed to be reprehended for their nonsensical acts were far away from Rome during the cloudburst. To tell you the truth, the cloudburst was quite manageable, and it resulted in much greater issues than it should have just because the city did not spend as much as it should have to clean up its waste water system. In other words, the two deaths could have been easily avoided.

Actually, the mess that resulted from the rioting could also have been avoided. Some say the worst fringes of the protest should have been cracked down more violently, but who knows. From an outsider that relocated to Italy it is sad to see that a pacific protest with 98% of the people just dancing, marching or simply voicing their concerns is completely ruined by that 2% with no intention of building any constructive, meaningful point of view.

I wonder what makes people feel like thrashing such a wonderful city such as Rome. If I were marching along one of the magnificent boulevards in Rome I would jut stay all the time with my nose up looking at the monuments and palaces, no matter if ancient. The center of the city is just splendid, mixing a variety of Classic, Neoclassic, Liberty, Roman, and Medieval styles. It seems like you are spending time on a time machine. But can time be perceived on a time machine? Of course not. Time in Rome passes by so quickly that you can find yourself at the end of the day and not remember what you did and where you went to.

My advice: let others riot, and the sky pour water. You just head towards the nearest "Trattoria" and feast in front of a plate full of "Bucatini Amatriciana", "Bruschetta" or "Abbacchio". When you are done the sky will be clear and the streets safe again!

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