Friday, August 19, 2011

Sardinia Beaches near Nuoro

The coastal area of Ogliastra is located in the central-eastern part of Sardinia in the province of Nuoro. Departing from Olbia you can reach it driving along the scenic ss125 ss131 or the highway to Nuoro, built in 1997. Other access points are Tortoli airport, which connects the island to the main seasonally national and European airports, and the port of Arbatax.
To the north of this area is the magnificent Sisine Coast, which with its nearly two thousand feet of cliffs is considered the highest in the Mediterranean. Impressive cliffs of bare stone suddenly appear, covered with luxuriant vegetation. Hidden and mysterious fractures and cracks in the coast are frequently populated by twisted, ancient junipers.

The limestone cliffs continue up to Capo di Monte Santu, which closes to the south the Gulf of Orosei. A limestone section leading south starts here and slowly changes into splendid red porphyry, reaching its maximum charm with the famous Red Cliffs, unique in the world, next to the port of Arbatax.

Along all this stretch of coast the landscape is ever changing. Always different and unique charming beaches display granite and porphyry shapes of a special beauty. The peaceful surroundings, crystal clear sea water and sand of magnificent colors are the accents that will make you fall in love with the beaches of Sardinia.

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